Meet Nick

A lifelong athlete with boundless energy and a passion for helping people reach their goals, Nick Castellano is an elite trainer, triathlon competitor and coach.

Nick works with a wide range of clients, from the novice to the seasoned athlete, to the older person needing to regain fitness — all inspired by Nick’s energy and enthusiasm, and genuine belief in the potential of each individual.

As a trainer, Nick has perfected his brand of fitness, based on the understanding that there are no infomercials or short cuts. Using his multi-faceted expertise and over 18 years of experience, he brings it back to basics and creates specific, individualized programs that strengthen and prepare clients for sports-specific training.

Nick is a strong believer that working hard and trying your best are what matter most, and he embodies a “no excuses” philosophy in overcoming training setbacks. Most importantly, it is his true dedication and contagious love of athletics that ultimately inspires his clients to transform their lifestyle.

A native of Queens, New York, Nick’s early success was in high school where he went undefeated as a wrestler, and in Track and Field, where he was ranked “fifth fastest in the five boroughs.”  Born of his childhood fascination with Karate, he went on to become a national Karate competitor at the elite level. As a single parent raising his son, he worked in the construction business, but returned to his true love of fitness in 1998 as a trainer with the Equinox in New York City. Furthering his education, he moved to Florida to study massage therapy. Upon returning to NY in 2005, he entered the sport of triathlon and quickly rose to be a nationally ranked, age group competitor.

Nick now specializes in training and coaching runners and triathletes. Nick holds a broad range of accredited fitness certifications in the fields of personal training, running and triathlon coaching. He is also a national board certified and licensed massage therapist, with an understanding of injury prevention and recovery, and Active Release Therapy (ART).


  • Certified Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor ISSA; AAPTE at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York
  • Certified USA Triathlon Coach, Level 1
  • Certified USA Track and Field Coach, Level 1
  • Red Cross certified WSI swim instructor
  • Certified American Swim Coaching Association Level 2
  • National board certified and state licensed Massage Therapist
  • Precision Nutrition, Level 1
  • Functional Movement Screening (FMS)
  • Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) Specialist/Instructor
  • Training Pregnant/Post Partum Women
  • Boxing Athletics Instructor
  • Mat Pilates Instructor/Pilates Reformer Student Instructor
  • Kettlebell


  • 2011-2012 lululemon athletica Ambassador

Lululemon Ambassador


  • Over 8 years of triathlon experience
  • Coach runners for 5k races through marathons
  • Coach triathletes for sprints through Ironman distance
  • Completed over 20 triathlons, ranging from sprint to Ironman
  • Competed in ITU National Long Course and National Championship (2010)
  • Age group Podium finisher in several sprint triathlons (top 3)
  • 2009 Grand Floridian Ultra Distance finisher (8th in age group)
  • 2009 1/2 Ironman finisher (5th in age group)
  • Former high school varsity city and state championship qualifier in track and field


  • Instructor/Student, Traditional Japanese Karate, 1990 – 2001 Miyazaki-US Shoto Kai Karate School
  • Conditioning Coach, NYS Karate Team & USKF Karate Team
  • National competitor at elite level
  • Top rankings 1993-1998
    • 1st Place – Atlantic East Coast Regional, AAU Regional, Regional NKF
    • 2nd Place – National NKF
    • 3rd Place – USKF National, AAU National