Theresa Sea

November 6, 2017

Only a year ago I had back surgery. I was depressed and out of shape. It felt like I would never cross a finish line again. Then I met Nick. He promised to get me back on my bike, in the pool and on the track. He gave me an exercise plan, nutrition tips, cycled miles and miles with me, got me to swim in the cold ocean when it was the last thing I wanted to do, and worked out cramps in my legs after a run. Most of all Nick gave me hope…and I did it! I am back out there… I am smiling… I am grateful. Nick has more varied qualifications than any coach I know – from weight training to triathlon training, he’s a lifeguard, a therapeutic masseuse, an Ironman, a nutrition guru, and a nice guy! Thank you Nick for changing my life!



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